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It’s our 15th year in 2020. Previous year were full of learning were we learn first resulting in earning. Since 2005 this year was the toughest due Pandemic Situation of COVID-19, which has disrupted the customer behavior patterns of all these years. Finally after six months of complete slowdown there are some positive offshoots. In the process we lost almost six months of this fiscal and last month of previous fiscal.

All these months have given us lot of time to go back to drawing boards and optimise our designs. Think and design about many new products and also our approach towards growth of the company. FY21 will be flat for ARAPL in many ways. FY22 will show very strong growth and we are targeting a CAGR of 40%. We would plan to migrate to Main board post FY22.

I would like to say that I am blessed with a very young and dedicated workforce who proved the united team can create an innovation. I am always thankful to all my team mates.

We are committed to diversifying our portfolios to various sectors and various geographies. Also we will be focusing on exports of many of our existing products This year we have started focusing on new vertical of Warehousing automation. Earlier this year we also started with our US operations but pandemic issue derailed it. We will again pursue in next year.

Last year We have invested in one Bangalore based company Dheeyantra. They have developed 9 Indian languages NLP engines. This year ARAPL will be forming a joint venture with them to make a futurist robot with vision; AI; Deep Machine learning capabilities and inbuilt NLP engines. This is going to be a very futurist robot. This will take us into a different league of Indian grown Robotic companies.

Lastly We would like to thank our share-holders for standing by us in our tough times. We want to assure that we at ARAPL are starving for new achievements and we would add value to the portfolio in longer run.

Thanking You,

Milind Padole

Affordable Robotic & Automation Ltd.