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ARAPL is a Turnkey Automation Solution provider for all kind of Industrial Automation needs such as Line Automation, Assembly Line, Conveyor, Robotic Inspection Stations, Pick & Place Systems, Gantry, Auto Assembly stations, Robotic Welding Cell & Lines, Fixed, Indexing & Rotary type Welding fixtures, Spot, Mig, Tig Welding Robotic Cell, SPM’s for Welding, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Hydro-pneumatic SPM’s, Jigs, Gauges & Fixtures.


Programming and designing the process to be followed by machines/robots used in manufacturing process. With industrial automation, a pace of production becomes faster and chances of inaccuracy and error are substantially eliminated, due to sensor-based automated process.

Sub assembly equipment can be designed for manual or robotic applications. The rugged simplicity of our design, combined with use of reliable components, assures problem free operation.

SSW  works by contacting copper alloy electrodes to the sheet surfaces, whereby pressure and electric current are applied and heat is generated by the passage of current through resistive materials such as low carbon steels.

Pick and Place Gantry Robots can automate the movement of goods from one place to another, in any plane, reducing the process time while increasing throughput and productivity.

Resistance welding is a process that quickly and efficiently joins two or more thin sheets of metal. This welding process also allows both similar and dissimilar materials to be welded together with no shielding gasses or fluxes.

Gas metal arc welding also known as  MIG, is a fast and straightforward method that uses a high level of deposition. A wire moves continuously to the heated tip of the welder, which melts the wire, allowing for a large amount of molten metal to drip onto the base for joining the base to another piece.

MIG Welding -SPM   machine is suitable for any linear welding purpose involving materials whose thickness varies from 10mm to 1000mm.

The 3 Axis Manipulators can move sample in any of three orthogonal axis XYZ.

Heavy Welding with Pre-Heating machine used for their excellent electrical and thermal conductivities, outstanding resistance to corrosion, ease of fabrication, good strength and fatigue resistance. Other useful characteristics include spark resistance, metal-to-metal wear resistance, low-permeability properties, and distinctive colour.

The Chassis Welding fixture exposed the angles on the upper and lower side of the frame are exposed for welding operations.

Using Cell Production Robotics for a manufacturing process can improve product quality, reduce labor and production costs, and decrease waste; but we want to discuss the additional benefits of using a robotic cell to enhance the overall flow and efficiency.

Auto Gauging machines provides for the inspection of components like shafts, rings ,disks, case components (cylinder block, engine head, differential and gear box), conrods, constant velocity joints, gears, compressors and pumps.


Robotics and manufacturing are a natural partnership. Robotics play a major role in the manufacturing landscape today. Automated manufacturing solutions should be a key part of any operation that strives for maximum efficiency, safety and competitive advantage in the market. Manufacturing robots automate repetitive tasks, reduce margins of error to negligible rates, and enable human workers to focus on more productive areas of the operation.