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ARAPL RaaS to Transform Warehouse Automation with AI and Robotics

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In a dynamic move, ARAPL RaaS is set to revolutionize warehouse automation by integrating cutting-edge AI and robotics technologies. Over the next six months, they plan to deploy advanced autonomous forklifts and Latent Lift robots, enhancing efficiency and safety in warehouse operations through innovative AI-driven solutions. Read More

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Affordable Robotics enters into machine shop automation, shares up

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Affordable Robotic and Automation Limited’s shares were trading 0.34 per cent higher after gaining nearly 6 per cent on Monday. The company had earlier announced its entry into machine shop automation, introducing two 3-axis automated solutions designed for power train robots. The company anticipates generating an estimated Rs 40 crore in revenue for the new business line by FY 2025. Additionally, ARAPL foresees a 40 per cent compounded annual growth rate for the fiscal year 2023. Read More
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||We are Hiring Simulation Design Engineer.||

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Robotic fixture simulation of applications like spot, MIG, hemming & material handling.Defining the welding sequence to minimize the cycle time.Robot payload validation with gun force selection as per sheet thickness.Cycle time sheet of spot & MIG welding.Offline programming should be able to do with latest robot controller.Preferred software Process simulate, Delmia V5 & Motosim. Exp Required – 5 to 10 Yrs.

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Eco-Friendly Parking Solutions: How Automation Supports Sustainable Urban Development

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With the rise in urbanization and the increasing number of vehicles on the road, parking can become a significant environmental and logistical challenge. Implementing eco-friendly parking solutions can help cities address several sustainability issues. Mr Mukund Shahhas an experience of more than 44 years of experience in Transformational Management, Project identification & successful implementation, Third party management, Setting up Startup Companies, Business Restructuring, Training, and turnaround strategies. Read more

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