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Eco-Friendly Parking Solutions: How Automation Supports Sustainable Urban Development

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With the rise in urbanization and the increasing number of vehicles on the road, parking can become a significant environmental and logistical challenge. Implementing eco-friendly parking solutions can help cities address several sustainability issues. Mr Mukund Shahhas an experience of more than 44 years of experience in Transformational Management, Project identification & successful implementation, Third party management, Setting up Startup Companies, Business Restructuring, Training, and turnaround strategies. Read more

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‘Need for Automation in Car Parking’

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Affordable Robotic and Automation Ltd. (ARAPL) is a Pune, India-based company, leading in the automation world for more than a decade serving in Automotive, Non-Automotive, General Industries, and also in Government Sector. ARAPL is a Turnkey Automation Solution provider for all kind of Industries Automation needs such as Line Automation, Assembly Lines, Conveyor, Robotic Inspection Stations. ARAPL has been working quietly for the past three years on the vision and conversation of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) space. Read more

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AffordableRobotics का किस सेगमेंट में है फोकस? -कंपनी का 3-5 साल के लिए क्या है ग्रोथ आउटलुक?

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#AffordableRobotics का किस सेगमेंट में है फोकस? -कंपनी का 3-5 साल के लिए क्या है ग्रोथ आउटलुक? देखिए

@AraplSolutions के MD मिलिंद पडोले से खास बातचीत Click here for the full interview.

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